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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas List and Budget

Seems like everyone is doing it so I thought I would hop on board. Plus, things have a tendency to look quite different when they are on paper. Without further ado, here is Dimples' Christmas List and Budget:






Spending $$$ for her trip





My Sweet Pea

Her 1st pet - Goldfish


Sister L

George Foreman Grill


Sister E

Luggage Set & DVDs






Godson J

Toys & Clothes



Godson A

DS2 or Wii


Best Friend K




Best Friend's son



Best Friend D







I am budgeting a total of $500 towards Christmas gifts.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Mom: She is going to her sister's wedding the weekend before Christmas. I am going to give her a $100 to spend as she pleases.

  • Dad: I have no clue on what to get this man. My dad has everything. I may just give him $50 cash and call it a day. I am gonna talk to my sisters and see what ideas they have. Maybe we can put our money together and get him something big

  • Sweet Pea: My baby wants a pet so bad. She really wants a puppy but Dimples ain't trying to pay the $400 pet deposit and take care of another "kid". Then my parents' goldfish, Frankie, died the day after Thanksgiving. My poor baby was crushed. She loved that lil goldfish. :-( So for X-mas she is getting goldfish of her own. I am gonna get her a starter aquariam/fish bowl and about two or three goldfish and supplies. She is gonna be so excited. I can't wait to see her face.

  • Sister L: She wants a large George Foreman grill. Macys has one on sale for $50 and this one for $60. The latter looks a little smaller. I am going to Macys on Sunday to check them out. I have a coupon for $15 off $50 which I definitely plan to use.

  • Sister E: She and her hubby need a luggage set. I bought a really nice 3 piece set for $25 at Ross today. When I was down for Thanksgiving I also bought them some DVDs that were on sale on Black Friday. I got 5 from Biglots @ $2 a pop and paid $0 after a $10 off coupon and I got 4 Best Buy @ $2.49 each. Totals $35 for my sis and her hubby.

  • Brother: Says he wants either a car or an iPod for Christmas. Of course car is out of the question. He is 17 senior in high school, has a 3.9 GPA, and one of the top ranking football players in the state. And he visited the school he plans to attend for college and play ball for this weekend. My boy is a good kid and I definitely want to reward him for his accomplishments. I talked to my sisters and we are going to put our money together ($50 each) and get him his iPod. I think my mom is planning on putting in with us so that would bring the total to $200. We can either get him an iPod with more memory or get the same one for $150 and use the other $50 to get him some accessories.

  • Godson J: My 12 month old cutie pie. :-D I got him these Build-A-Bear Shrek Babies and I am going to Ross to pick him up some clothes. I can do some damage with $15 on baby clothes at Ross.

  • Godson A: My 10 year old cutie. *sigh* Says he wants a Wii but I don't think that will happen. I am going to call him and let him know that we are a no-go on the game console. If his parents get him one then I will get him a game or two. Other than that he will need to pick something else and the budget is $40.

  • Best Friend #1: She reads my blog so I won't go into detail about her gift. Its gonna be a compilation of things and the theme is relaxation. ;-)

  • Best Friend's son: Also Godson J's big brother. Gonna get him some shoes. The best friend and I know about his shoe issues so I hope to find some nice ones that will meet his expectations LOL.

  • Best Friend #2: He is going through some things right now with both his parents. He was pursuing his acting career in California and dropped everything to come back home when his mom had a stroke. Needless to say he isn't working and money is getting real tight. He has always been there for me and I am hoping the $50 I am sending to him will help in some way.
Well that is the list. I have spent $115 to date. I'll update this post weekly until I check everyone off the list.


SingleGuyMoney said...

Pets are nice but very expensive!

Dimples said...

@ SingleGuy

Yeah they are. Thats why I am going with the fish. They don't cost that much and I don't need to pay any pet deposit for them.

Dream said...

very nice! you've made so much progress regarding your spending and debt since you started this blog :)

fandd said...

Sounds like a great plan. My family is all about going in together for a gift. I'm also glad to see that there is another person who loves Ross out there!

SavingDiva said...

Great job outlining how much you spent!