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Friday, October 12, 2007

Credit Score Update

Last Month:

Transunion : 628

Experian : 652

Equifax :590

This Month:

Transunion : 643

Experian : 652

Equifax : 617

When I previously posted my credit score updates I would use the middle score. I am going to post all three from now on since there is such a difference between Equifax and the other two. I know I have one collection account still showing on Equifax that was removed from the other two a long time ago. So I believe that is the reason for the huge difference. I am working on getting that removed from my report. Hopefully if my method works and the collection gets removed my score with Equifax will rise.

Oh yeah, the collection is paid off. It was from Bellsouth. I disconnected my service with them at the end of my sophomore year in college and supposedly I still had a remaining balance. The rep told me my balance was zero and I moved right after so I never received a bill. Needless to say I didn't find out anything about it until it went to collections and was on my credit reports about a year and a half later. But of course by then the collection company who had bought the account wasn't trying to hear it. Punks! They scared the hell out of me with that whole we will take oyu to court so I paid the measly $52. UGH! Hate 'em!

I went to a seminar that gave me some good advice about fixing your credit. I contacted Bellsouth and explained my situation. The manager I spoke to was able to find some notes on my old account where it stated that the rep had quoted me a zero balance which was incorrect and that she tried to get back in touch with me but did not have any contact information for me other than my address that was on the account. So they mailed a letter to that address, the same address I moved out of the day after I called and canceled my phone service. After some transfering around I spoke to a gentleman who winded up sending me a letter that I could give to the credit reporting agencies and have them remove the collection account from my report. Transunion and Experian accepted the letter and removed the negative account. Equifax on the other hand claimed that Bellsouth was not the current creditor and therefore they would not accept the letter.

Are you serious you big donkey?!! Dorks!

So that brings us to the present. Dorks still won't remove the account. I am gonna attempt to talk to the "current creditors" and see if they will ok the removal. I never thought of that until someone suggested a week ago.

Wish me luck on that.

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SavingDiva said...

Good luck getting that removed from your account. I don't really understand why they won't remove