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Monday, September 17, 2007

This is too funny

I mean truly hilarious.......tee hee

This past Thursday I was in the process of giving my apartment a thorough clean down and was in the midst of changing the sheets on my bed. Well I went to get some new sheets and found only one. What the heck? Why do I only have two sets of sheets? I mean I had to throw away one set about a week ago because it got ruined in the washer machine (pen) but I could have sworn I had at least 4 more sets.

I mean come on. I know I should live beneath my means but damn........a sistah need some nice, quality, and purty sheets. Right? Right. So you know what I did? I hopped my happy tail online and went a searching for some sheets on sale. I finally found some nice ones at Target; 300 thread count (one blue and one violet) and some organic cotton pillowcase......... I placed my order and used a 15% coupon code. The total came up to $55 which I charged to my Target card. Great deal!.............(cough).........What?

So why when I finished doing laundry today, 3 sets of bed sheets turned up?! Now I have 5 total and 2 coming via UPS any day now.

Ha ha ha ha. Tee hee hee. LOLOLOLOL. Hilarious!

OK........maybe not that funny.

Dag nabbit! Its so hard to say good-bye to shopping at a whim. Its hard I tell ya! Lawd forgive me for I have reneged! I have fallen.

But I will get up. Needless to say I will be partaking in some return festivities tomorrow.


Mya Moola said...

Target card! Girl, I lost mine when I lost my wallet a couple months ago, and I am so glad, because I just got a new statement the other day, and they increased my limit to $1,000. I shall not fall for that trap! I've got that thing down to $94 and just gonna polish it off and be done with it.

Dimples said...

Girl. Its da debil as Single Ma would say. They increaased my limit to $1000 also and upgraded me to a Visa account from the store card. *sigh* I plan on getting rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Girl you a trip!

Don't eva do that again. Next time you get the shopping itch jump on the treadmill or do something to take your mind off it. Your doing great. Keep it up.


Sistah Ant said...

woo-sah... deep breath in, deep breath out.

get back on the horse - you CAN stop impulse shopping.

SavingDiva said...

You can always return the sheets!

I also had a slip-up this the make-up counter in Macy's...OOPS!

Dimples said...

@ Saving Diva

Oooo Macys! Was it on Mac?

I just came back from returning the items. I paid $57 online but got $64 returned back to my card. :-D