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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Net Worth by age and income

Single Guy Money had a neat post about a net worth calculator that shows your rank based on age and income. I took the test and here are my results. Obviously, yall know I am no where NEAR the median net worth for my age. Absolutely NO comment on the median net worth based on my income.

And it looks like I make way
more than the average income for my age group. A sistah is still in the RED! *sigh*

See where you rank based on your age and income.


Destined for Greatness said...

I liked this blog a lot and even tried myself. Thanks for the information and the inspiration.

SavingDiva said...

My networth ~$16k
Median for my age $2,125 (better off than most people my age, probably because I don't have student loans)
Median Net Worth for my income is $20k (I'm behind, but I'm catching up)

Wooly Woman said...

I am in the same boat as you, with similar negative net worth, and I fall into the same age group. Yep, need to do some catching up...

Dream said...

I'm in the same age group as you Dimples so let's just say we're in the same boat!