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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Money Management Tools and Financial Calculators

I found these on a forum on Credit Boards and I thought I would share them with you all. I bolded my favs.


Printable Personal Budget Worksheet

Printable Weekly Expense Worksheet

Providian Budget Calculator


Credit Card Balance Transfer Savings Calculator

How Long Will it Take to Pay off My Credit Card? (CardWeb)

What Will It Take to Pay Off My Credit Card (Bankrate)

The True Cost of Paying The Minimum

When Will You Be Debt Free?

Quicken Debt Payoff Planner

Debt Tracker Spreadsheet

Debt Snowball Payoff Spreadsheet


Savings Calculator

Asset Allocator

Millionaire Calculator

IRA Certificate Calculator

Money Market Calculator

Balance Sheet/Statement of Net Worth


The True Cost of a Loan

Loan Calculator and Amortization

Auto Loan Calculators


Debt-to-Income Ratio

Monthy Mortgage Payment

Mortgage Amortization Schedule

Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loan Amortization Schedule

Home Equity Loan Comparison

Home Equity Calculators (Bank One/Chase)


FICO Score Estimator

Small Business Calculators

Microsoft Office Templates

H&R Block Tax Calculators

Financial Aid Calculators


How Much Will You Need for Retirement?

Retirement Planner

Social Security Calculator


dream said...

These are great resources. I've been playing with the snowball one all morning like a kid in a candystore. I'm def gonna print out the weekly expense one too. Thanks!

I Am Fabulous!!! Deal With It... said...

Thanks for theses links. Credit boards is a great site with valuable information. Um, can you tell me how and where you generated your tables listed at the top right side of your page. I have been searching and searching to no avail. LOL!!! Help a sista out...please LOL!!

BTW- I like the layout of this site. I'm trying to find ways to be a bit more creative with mine. I'll be back...

Dimples said...

@ dream
Your welcome. I am loving the weekly expense one too. Its like a mini-budget.

@ i am fab

Your welcome. check your email.

Dimples said...

@ i am fab

Ok I need your email addy to send this to you. LOL. Email me and I will reply back. See profile.

I Am Fabulous!!! Deal With It... said...

Thanks Dimples!! I attempted to email you through your profile, but the link is somehow corrupted. I will give it a go again...

Dimples said...

Just copy my email address from the profile and email me.