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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Go on AmEx!!! and Go Tar-jay!!

I received my travelers cheques and gift card that I redeemed my Amex bonus points for. I ordered these things Sunday and got them in the mail today! To think they had an option where I could pay $10 and receive my stuff in 3 business days instead of the 10 business days @ no charge.

Glad I didn't fall for that mess.

Anyone know if I can cash in travelers cheques at a bank?? I am thinking about using one of the the cheques to pay off another card. Actually, I think that is what I will do. I have $158.23 left over in my budget. I forgot that I received a payout from Cash Duck for $80 and my rebate from my laptop purchase for $150. So that is where the leftover is coming from. I will use that and $15.01 from the Amex bonus to pay off my Avenue card which is $173.24 total.

I can still use the remaining $85 for my daughter's birthday trip. Yeah Amex!!

I returned my Target online purchase to one of their stores today. My online purchase total was $57.21 while my refund total was $63.57. ?? I didn't realize that till I got home and looked at the confirmation email with my total. Oh well. Go Tar-jay!!!

I am on a roll. Gotta love it.


I actually have $208.44 in leftovers. So I will not need to use any of the Amex bonus. I can pay the Avenue card off and still have $35 in leftovers. Go me!!!!

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D.C. 2 said...

Get it Dimples! You are doing it girl!