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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cash Duck is back!!

......actually it will reopen mid-October.

I received the following email from Kira, Cash Duck creator:

"Well, I guess I just missed you guys too much to leave.. I've decided to revamp CashDuck and reopen in mid-October. Look for new features, new offers, and new ways to earn.

All withdraws that have already been requested will be sent out as previously scheduled, and I expect all prizes to be sent out by the end of next week. Then I'll be busy making the new and improved CashDuck a reality!"

Cash Duck is coming back yall! Yes! For all who don't know, Cash Duck is a "pay to" site where you get paid for doing offers that range from surveys to shopping. I signed up with Cash Duck in April and since then I have made $412.04. I can't wait to get back to making some more money with the site. I'll keep you guys posted if I hear anything more. For anyone looking to make some money on the side, this is definitely a great site to do so. You can easily bank $200 a month with Cash Duck.


SavingDiva said...

What types of things do you do to earn money with CashDuck?

Dimples said...

Surveys, sign up for free trials, shop, open bank accounts.......the offers range in different types. But you get a certain amount to do each one.

Take for instance the AMEX card I opened up to get their 25,000 bonus. I did the offer through Cash Duck for $80. All I had to do was apply for the card, get approved, and make @ least one purchase. So I winded up making $80 from Cash Duck and also receiving the 25,000 sign-up bonus points from AMEX (which translates to a $250 gift card or one airplane ticket).

Nice huh?!