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Monday, September 10, 2007

Capital One Credit Card Bonus

I just got this in my inbox and thought I would share.

Capital is offering a $25 bonus. You will need to apply, get approved, and activate their card to qualify before December 31, 2007. This is a referral bonus so you can only get the bonus via a referral. Here are the instructions on applying:


Edited: I can't seem to get any confirmation on if this is legit or not. So for now we will say it is a no-go.


Single Ma said...

The grammar in that email is terrible. That sounds like a phishing scam. I'd call Capital One to make sure it's legit before I click on an emailed link and input all my personal information.

Dimples said...

Hmm. I'll look into it. I clicked the link and the website it took me to looks legit. I'll check to make sure tho.