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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another site I like

I have been searching for discussion boards where I can log on and communicate with other people who are or have been in the same financial situation that I am currently in. I have found that in the forums at Debt Consolidation Care. It's one of two forums I currently use to ask questions and receive answers back from folks who have actually had experience in that subject.

Anyone working on repair the credit? Do you have collection accounts? Did you know that you can write a 'Pay to Delete' letter to your creditors? A agreement that once you pay off your debt that the creditor will remove all notation of delinquency and change the account to paid , no late payments.

Some of the other forums that caught my interest are Credit Repair, Dealing with Collection Agencies, Getting a loan (Mya, this one's for you), and Dealing with Student Loans.

I recommend trying out your questions at this site. You'll be amazed by the practical solutions you can get from regular folks who have been there and done that.


Sistah Ant said...

That's a great link, thanks! I know some people who could benefit from it.

Millionster said...

Stumbled onto your blog here -- great job on meeting your find goals. Was wondering why your home fund is on hold. Wouldn't it be a good idea to divide your different goals by percentage that way each goals get a piece? =) I have to tell you your site is pretty cool, just the black links are a little confusing hehe.. Good luck on your 12K credit card debt... ouch!

Dimples said...

@ sistah ant

Welcome hon.

@ millionster.

Welcome back. I am not quite ready for a home. I need to focus everything on the cc debt first. Once I get that down I will be in a better position. Black links in the post? Thanks

I Am Fabulous!!! Deal With It... said...

Thanks a bunch for this. I have fairly good credit, but it was only creeping along until I opened a cc line. This board will help me quite a bit. Thanks Chica!!!!

juicefairy said...

I have been working to improve my credit score this year because I hope to buy a house in a few years. On my credit report I found a payment from 2002 was marked "late" for an old credit card account. I wrote the credit companies and told them that this account was always in good standing, never late. It was 2002! So, obviously I didn't remember that specific payment but I figured I would argue it just to see what happens. About a month later the credit company sent a letter saying they had removed my negative late note from that account. Sometimes it just pays to ask.