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Thursday, September 27, 2007

7 Random Things About Me

I got tagged by Juice Fairy for the 7 Random Things Meme going around. Here ya go:

  1. I own 46 pairs of shoes.
  2. I speak 3 languages.
  3. I don't eat red meat.
  4. I am of Caribbean decent.
  5. I have one tattoo and its on my right thigh
  6. I graduated from high school with a 4.3 GPA but I never ever studied
  7. Number six didn't carry over into college
Alrighty, thats all for now folks. I am gonna tag some of the newbies to the game. tee hee

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SavingDiva said...

What languages do you speak? Are you including flip flops in your shoe count?

I Am Fabulous!!! Deal With It... said...

Yayy!! Thanks for the tag girlie. 4.3 GPA is great, but um, what happened in college? LOL!! If you were anything like me, you remember the parties more than ANYTHANG.

Dimples said...

@ Saving Diva

I speak English, Creole, and French. And I sure did included flip flops (I love the Old Navy ones). I have 10 pairs and every color in the book. LOL

@ I am Fab

Girl I sho do remember them parties. College was ok the first year. I hardly studied and kept up a 4.0. But Sophomore year hit and so did my engineering classes and that system was a no go. Well that system combined with partying. LOL. Needless to say I had to study my azz off just to make it.