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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Xtra Money

I have some extra money coming my way in the next few days. My laptop rebate from Office Depot was mailed on the 27th and should be here by Friday. That is $150. I get my last cash out from Cash Duck this Friday and that is for $82.

That is $232 bucks. I will most likely put the money in my spending account and use it for groceries and gas for the next month or so. If I continue to do the $30/week for groceries and miscellaneous stuff and if I do $30 a week for gas (this is the most extreme....I drive 130 miles to and from work) the money will last me a month. During this time I will look for other avenues to make extra money and continue to use it like I am now. That way I can use all my remaining balance of my paycheck, after bills are paid, to apply towards my credit card debt.

I still have American Express coming but I gotta wait until the credit my points to my account. Since I am not going to do the house right now I am not sure what reward I will cash out. Well we will see when that time comes.

Speaking of cc debt, I did my end of the month last night. I am so ashamed of how much my cc debt increased by. But I am trying to stay positive. I have a tendency to think negative and this affects my health and my well-being. So I will remain positive and remind myself that a year from now I will will do my end of the month report and put $0 in my cc debt column.


I'll do a post on that later today.

I need to get that book.......The Secret............get this positive outlook, good karma thing down packed.


SavingDiva said...

Good luck with paying down your credit cards!

Velvet Jones said...

There's no secret! Positive thinking + preparation + action = Good things happening to you. And you're doing it now. Getting to that $0 debt seems like a long road, but slow and steady wins the race. I think you're doing a great job, so keep up the good work. :)

Single Ma said...

Why not put all extra $$ towards debt, then budget living expenses AND regular debt payments out of your paycheck? That way, you can consider it found money and act like you never received it. Think about it this way, without it, you would still eat and have gas, right?

Not that there's anything wrong with your way, but it sounds like you're just giving yourself another reason to have more spending money resulting in more SPENDING, instead of more money towards debt repayment.

Dimples said...

@ Single Ma

That's what I have decided to do. I am in the middle of posting my new budget now.