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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Neat Sites

Just wanted to share some neat sites I use. Some I found this weekend. Enjoy!

  • FinWeb: Provides valuable information and resources on pertinent financial topics through informative financial articles.
  • Mortgage Professor: Tons of info on mortgage loans, buying a home, refinancing, etc. It also has a section on common mistakes to avoid. Great site in my opinion.
  • Down Payment Solutions: Has info on first time home buyer programs, over 1000 down payment assistance programs, etc.
  • Beauty Eats: Fun new blog about how specific foods-from green tea to vitamin C-can help fight everything from aging and acne to serious skin disorders, and make hair and nails super-healthy too.
  • Soul Food Calculator: Tee hee. How much damage did the family reunion barbecue really do? Auntie's famous collard greens (with turkey): Only 34 calories for 1/2 a cup. Not if I could only find one for Caribbean food.
Any yall would like to share?


SingleGuyMoney said...

Good Morning Dimples-
I really like
They have calculators for every need.

Dimples said...

Mornin. Thanks for the link. They sure do have calculators for every need. Gonna have to add this one to my list.

krystalatwork said...

Cool, thanks for posting these. I'm going to check them out later today!