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Friday, August 31, 2007

August To Do List

Here is my to-do-list for August. I'll do one for each month from now on. This should help me keep focused and on track.

August To Do's:

  • Find more avenues for bringing in extra money
    • "Pay To" sites
    • Google (Hustler did a post on how to make extra money with google)
    • E-bay
    • Notary Signing Agent
  • Create blog geared towards single moms in the Orlando area
  • Use coupons when purchasing groceries
  • Always shop with a list
  • Detailed tracking of spending
  • Start and stick to exercise routine
  • Create and stick to schedule for myself and daughter (school/work week)
  • Read my personal finance books
  • Prepare food in advance on Sundays to help out with time during the school/work week
That's all I have down for now.


Velvet Jones said...

I have some tips about your last bullet. :)

I only cook about twice a month. I make a list of all the meals I want to prepare for the month, draw up the grocery list, shop, cook all the meals over a weekend, then pkg everything in individual freezer containers. I've been doing this for almost two years. I bring breakfast and lunch to work everyday (except for lately...cuz Chipotle is trying to kill me!). It has made my life SO much easier.

The book that helped me get started was "Froze Assets: How to cook for a day and eat for a month".

Shopaholic No More said...

I'm definitely going to shop with a list. I also check out all 4 grocery store ads near where I live to find out who has what items on sale, and then try to combine the store sales w/the coupons for even more savings. I never used to plan menus in advance, but I am doing that now. Hopefully it will save me both time AND money!

Dimples said...

@ Velvet Jones

Thanks for the suggestion and comment. I definitely will try that. I may start off with preparing for a week tho. This will probably help with my weight loss goal also.

@ Shopaholic

I am making my list right now! LOL

SavingDiva said...

I've started leaving a scrap piece of paper on my fridge to make a grocery list of things that I run out of....We will see how I do with grocery shopping with a list!