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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vacation Fund

You would think I had enough dang on funds right?!? LOL

Well I guess not.

Four of my close friends just got back from the Essence Festival in Louisiana. Some are going to Vegas in August for 5 days. I was invited for both trips but declined after I realized how much I would need to spend. For some reason I can't imagine spending so much money for those trips. I try and have an open mind about the whole thing but I just feel like it shouldn't cost me an arm and a leg to travel to another state for a few days.

After doing some thinking, I have come to the realization that maybe I would see the matter in a different light if I had money specifically allotted for vacations. Then I wouldn't see it as such a huge hit on my finances. Hence, the vacation fund. :-)

My current goal for now is to put $50 a month into the fund. I don't have any trips set in stone right now. I know that I definitely want to go to Atlanta to visit a close friend before the year is over.

I am going to need to do my budget over and see how all this new stuff impacts my finances. I don't think $50 will have a huge impact but we shall see. Hopefully I can get that posted tonight.


SavingDiva said...

I think your vacation fund is a great idea! I might have to start one as well. $50/month will be $600/year...that's pretty good (and should pay for at least a few flights around the U.S.)

Dimples said...

Very true. $600 is a good amount for a mini vacay somewhere. I signed up with Travelzoo and they send me info on cheap flights or special promos different airlines are running. So between that and my fund I should be able to milk 2 or more trips a year.

The Michael Jordan Lifestyle said...

Hey Dimps,

I have been struggling with this notion myself. Not to set up a fund, but just to go on vacation or not. I look at all my boys and see them blowing 2G's on a vacation, meanwhile, they need brakes on their cars, or can't pay such and such bill.

Granted my financial situation is much better then theirs, but I have all of these goals I want to conquer and vacationing seems like it's taking me further away. I have to decide quickly, because if I am going to book something this year, the good rates are quickly being consumed.

Dimples said...

@ MJ

Thats the same viewpoint I have. But I have came to the conclusion that I won't be able to enjoy my financial accomplishments if I am worn out and overworked. Vacations would be a time to relax, unwind, and be stress free. I see it as an investment in retaining my sanity.

Try creating a vacation fund yourself. I really believe saving for a vacation will change my opinion. It might change yours.

Rad said...

We have a vacation fund set up for that exact same reason. It's hard to be responsible and still enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. Don't you hate it when you homie who has a mountain of debt and is behind on pretty much every bill calls and says "yo, im going to Puerto Rico next week", slap in the face. The vacay fund is a great idea, go for it girl, we gotta live too :)

Dimples said...

@ rad

LOL @ "yo, i'm going to Puerto Rico next week"

I have similar type of friends. I am always in disbelief when they go and take off here and there. I am not envious of the debt they are most likely accumulating but, darn it, they have so much fun!. Thanks for your support. Live we must!

Single Ma said...

Resist the peer pressure and stay focused on your goals. A lavish vacation is not required to rejuvenate your mind/body/soul. Until last week, I had not taken a vacation in over 3 years and I didn't regret it. Owning a home and fully funding my e-fund was more important. Now I can vacation when/where I want without guilt. Achieving my goals first made the long awaited vacation even more rewarding.

Another thought, having too many xx funds is spreading yourself pretty thin. Aggressive saving when your accts are barely moving can result in a feeling of self defeat. But if you prioritize and focus on one thing at a time, you'll build momentum and feel a sense of accomplishment. After each goal, reward yourself, then apply the same funds to your next one. And so on...

At any rate, if what you're doing works for you, good luck!

ms.voad said...

I feel on that spending a ton of money just to go across states, that's why I much rather go across seas... consider another country trip!

aynekat said...

To respond as a whole to all comments, girl I think that is a great idea and you know me, I am always broke but this last vacation I took, I benefited(is that word right, hehe) from my JOB, make sure you asks or research what discounts are giving to you from your place of work. I went to Philly and my trip cost 750 dollars for 5 days 4 nights and that included airfare, hotel and rental car and when you split that with another person that's 375 coming out of your pocket. I am really glad I actually went because I usually short change myself and say I can't afford it but sometimes you have to realize that you have one life to live. Make sure you enjoy it when you go because if you are in a tight situation when you get back and your lights about to get cut off at least you know you enjoyed it. LOL girl don't listen to me about that part but I do suggest to start taking short trips like to keywest and all that good stuff. BUT DO LOOK FOR DISCOUNTS AT YOUR JOB IT HELPED ME OUT A LOT AND THEY ALSO HELP WITH EVERYDAY THINGS LIKE GOING OUT TO EAT, GETTING YOUR CAR FIX. Well Ms. Dimples it's my bedtime, love ya! and Good luck girl

aynekat said...

I think I really did spell that word wrong