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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Update: Hard Drive not lost after all! :-D

I winded up giving my desktop CPU to one of my co-workers. Majority of my co-workers are computer gurus and he is one of them. I was going to throw it away but he said he would take it off my hands so he could take the parts like my 2G of memory, processor, etc. I am not into computer like that so I didn't care.

Well I get a call this morning around 10:30 on my work cell. Who in the heck is calling me on my work cell on the weekend?! It's my co-worker. Looks like my hard drive wasn't fried like the guy at Geek Squad lead me to believe. My motherboard was what was dead and therefore my hard drive wouldn't start up unless it was taken out and hooked up to another computer. So I got all my personal information back.

At first I was pissed because I felt like I just bought this laptop and the whole while their was nothing seriously wrong with desktop. My co-worker explained that I would have had to dish out about $125 for the motherboard, $50 for the power supply, and still have labor to pay. It would have been about $300-$350 total. So I was better off getting the new comp for $449 (after rebate).

I deposited my money from my monitor sale this morning and sent a payment to MBNA (card I charged the laptop to) for the same amount.


D.C. 2 said...

Oooh Praises girl. Glad to hear that you can get your info back. Now if only he could do the same with the jump drive. :O)

SavingDiva said...

I'm glad to hear that you didn't lose any information. My laptop is about to go too...However, I have a computer at work, and I don't do any work at home...SO...if it goes, I guess I'm just going to have to live without a computer for a while....because I know I can't afford one.

Rad said...

Good to see youback on your game, sending the monitor money to the C.C. quick :)

so you got your laptop and you still got your info. Not such a bad week after all, except for all the extra work you had to do. You just got promoted, what'd you expect :)

krystalatwork said...

Yikes, glad to hear you got your info back! I don't know what I would do if my hard drive wasn't recoverable.

D.C. 2 said...

Miss Dimples,
Could you update my link? Thanks a million.

Dimples said...

Thanks everyone.

@ D.C.

Girl I thought I did. My bad. :-D

D.C. 2 said...

Thanks Dimples,

Been sick past couple days. Unable to answer.