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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Step 1 : Unsubscribe from all store emails

I decided to take the time to understand why I keep building more debt. I need to find out exactly what are the underlying factors when it comes to my accumulation of credit card debt. I pulled 2006 annual reports for all my credit cards and did some analysis to try and find a pattern..........a "method to the madness" as they say.

I found myself encountering one major issue over and over again. It's like a sickness and I need to find the cure pronto.

*deep breath*


I spent so much on shopping (I will do a post with all my findings later) but I have nothing, I mean ABSOLUTELY nothing to show for it. And guess what?!! Majority of the shopping was done ONLINE!!!! I mean like 90% of it was all online orders. Wow!!

So I asked myself, "Why do I shop online so much?". I answered back, "Well it's convenient, I don't have to deal with other shoppers or wait in line at a register, and I get all those awesome coupons and promotions via email that I just can't pass up".

Hmmmm..............Emails huh???

I then realized something, 99% of my shopping online started off with an email I just received from a store about their current sale and usually a nice "preferred customer" coupon code was included. I can' tell you how many times I logged myself onto Macy' to check out an ongoing sale knowing full well I didn't NEED anything. All I could think about is how I couldn't pass up that "50%-70% off clearance" sale that they had and that I had a coupon code for free shipping and it made no sense to not buy something. Shopping online had become an addiction. I had to do something about it..................I needed to get rid of those emails.

I logged into my email account and there were 3 store emails already waiting for me. I opened each one up and unsubscribed from them all. Over the course of 3 days I have unsubscribed from 16 stores. It felt good to do it. I feel like I am finally going in the right direction.

As I discover and understand the issues that contribute to my credit card debt, I will find solutions to eliminate them from my life. I need to establish a foundation that will encourage a life full of purpose, accomplishments, happiness, and joy. A foundation of debt is not the answer. I need to stop tolerating less than I deserve. I deserve to be debt free. I deserve to be able to take vacations and be carefree.....just a little anyways.


D.C. 2 said...

Good Job Dimples,

I have actually trained myself to be a window shopper. I can go in a mall and walk out with nothing. I used to feel guilty if I didn't at least buy one thing but, not anymore. I can even do that online too. I can look at sale e-mail's and keep on going my mentality is that there will always be a sale. Watch! When you untrain yourself from that compulsive urge you will look at all those Macy's sales with preview sales and laugh. (I crack up on how many holidays Macy's can find to have a sale and how many preview days that they have.) Just count them it's fun. Also those Victoria's Secret sales are funny too. I hate them I have a big butt and have to wear an XL. Damn them I am not fat. I am a thick gul like the boys like it. Where did that come from :O). They have an annual, semi annual, after christmas, thanksgiving your selling underwear for christ sakes how many sales do you need? Whew that was a tangent for you. D.C. tired need food. Hallah!!!

Dimples said...

Oh wow! You had me rolling. Why must Vicky have so much darn sales?? It is just panties. And you right about Macy's. They celebrate everything. Yeah my butt and hips can't fit into Vicky's undies. When I do manage to slide them jokers on they cut off my circulation. :-/

Single Ma said...

Step 1. I love it!! ;-)

Can't wait to read about Step 2. This cleansing process can be therapeutic. Next thing you know, those balances will be going DOWN. Imagine that? Ha!

Keep up the good work Ms. Dimples. I'm proud of you!

SingleGuyMoney said...

I'm rooting for you Dimples! Get rid of the demons!!!! LOL

Dimples said...

@ Single Ma

Aww shucks! *cheesing* Thank ya mam. I can't wait till the balances go down to a big fat zero.

@ Single Guy Money

Getting rid of them as we speak. :-D]
Feels good.

ms.voad said...

Why is it that we "shopaholics" feel like we never have anything to "show" for it? lol.

SavingDiva said...

Dimples, now I just need you to figure out my shopping trigger!

Congrats on taking productive steps to stop a problem...I'm working on it.