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Friday, July 13, 2007

Pudding Score

I just read Saving Diva's post about her pudding score so of course I was instantly interested in what my pudding score was. For those that don't know what a pudding score is, here is the definition from the site:

What does my Pudding Score™ mean?

Your Pudding Score™ is a measure of how your current retirement fund assets compare to the amount the Benchmark Account says someone your age and pay should have accumulated by now.

A score above 100 says you are ahead of the index at this point in time and a score below 100 says you lag behind the index’s pace.

My pudding score is a divine
126!! Finally, I am getting something right.


Wooly Woman said...

Oh my. Mine is depressingly low. Have been putting all money in debt payoff, little in retirement. Kind of scary...

Dimples said...

I think mine is so high because I have been getting a great return on my investments. Also I am fully vested.

krystalatwork said...

Oh gosh, mine was at something pathetic like 46. :(

Dimples said...


SavingDiva said...

Congrats on the high pudding score! It made me feel good too!