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Friday, July 13, 2007

New Budget, CC debt profile, and PF goals

It's about 1:10 am here and I have been cranking away at this stuff for the past 3 hours. Needless to say I am real tired.


I recalculated my budget for the month of July and August. After all bills are paid, I will have about $800 to apply towards my credit card debt. The budget is only the the next two months because I did not include my daughter's school costs which I am not paying right now. I'll edit my budget to include that expense once she gets back and I find out what the rate will be for this school year.

You probably wondering why gas or groceries are not included in my budget. Well I have decided to pay for those out of my spending account. Right now I do about $150 or more with cash duck. I am pursuing a few other venues to make extra money and majority of them seem like they will play out nicely (I'll do a post once I am 100% sure). I also have yet to try that whole notary thing. I will attempt this for the next two months and see how well I do. If I can bring in enough to take care of those two then they won't be included in my budget.

I created a credit card debt profile. Looks like I charged back more than I first thought. I almost had a seizure when I saw the total. UGH!

To think I was around $5000 in February. *shaking head* Anyways, I get paid on 7/16 and after all bills are paid I will have $500 dollars to apply to my debt. I pointed out the 3 cards I will be paying off then.

After redoing my budget and creating the cc debt profile I realized I would need to revisit the personal finance goals I had set for myself and see if they were still achievable. I had to push back majority of the due dates but everything looks attainable in the time period that is now set.

I feel accomplished in a way. I finally have a solid plan. Before I was just running with it. Or maybe I was running from it. Putting up a front like I had everything under control. After a while you can't fake the funk anymore. Debt is a disease that just won't disappear. You gotta eliminate it..........or better yet annihilate it like a D.C. said. ;-)

Night yall.


Rad said...

Nice job working out a plan and new budget so quick. I already book the hotel and plane tickets, so I have keep the vacay account at least until October. After that though, it's back on the grind. What happened with whole NSA thing?

SavingDiva said...

Good luck with your debt elimination plan! You look like you have things pretty well mapped out.

Dimples said...

@ Rad.

Thanks. Your trip is like a honeymoon and you guys deserve it. I still wanna do the NSA thing. It cost $100 to become a notary. I am looking for a company with a lower price. And then I have to figure out how I will pay for it. I'll keep you updated.

@ savingdiva

Thanks. I hope I can stick to it.

ms.voad said...

What is a notary?

And once you pay off those ccs... shove them deep in your draws drawer!!!