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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Laptop fund, New House, or Vacay??

I applied and got approved for an American Express Business Gold Card on Saturday. I applied for the card through Cash Duck, who pays you $80 once you get approved for the card and make your first purchase. I also received American Express' current promo. In a nutshell, you get 25,000 reward points after your first purchase that can be redeemed for a $250 gift card to any of the stores that are on the list or a round-trip ticket to anywhere in the US.

I know I said before that I wouldn't apply for anymore cards but I couldn't pass this one up. And after doing some research I found that because it is a business account it will not show up on your credit report. That was the icing on top of the $330 cake ($80 from Cask Duck and $250 from American Express).

This is what I have planned. Once I receive my 25,000 bonus points I will redeem them for one of the following:

$200 Dell gift certificate and $50 American Express Gift Card
$250 Linens N' Things gift card
Round trip ticket to somewhere in the US.

Option 1
would contribute to my future laptop. It would be essentially be $250 in my laptop fund bringing me even closer to my goal.
Option 2
would be used after the purchase of my home. I love Linens N' Things and I could get a lot of items for the new house for $250.
Option 3
would be used for a very well-deserved vacation somewhere in the US.

Now thats what I call a hustle! :-D

Wow this played out better than I thought. My initial reason for applying the for the card was to take advantage of the free ticket. But now I have discovered more options and I have no clue which one to go with. All three are great options and would effect some important goals I have set right now.

So what do you guys think? Which one should I choose?

The $80 I will be getting from Cash Duck is already allotted for my spending fund so it wasn't calculated into the options above.


Patrick said...

Go for the laptop! You can switch the laptop fund into a household fund for the house.

Dimples said...


Interesting. Meet one goal and then focus on the next. I'm liking that idea. Thanks and welcome. :-)

D.C. 2 said...

Smart move Dimples. Very smart move

Dimples said...


Thank ya mam. So you say laptop also??

D.C. 2 said...

I like Number 1. The $200 Dell certificate and the $50 Amex card.

That way you get a mix. You can use the Amex to pay some bills and have $200 extra toward your goal.


Dimples said...

Thanks girl. :-D

SavingDiva said...

I would also go with the Dell GC. Get your laptop and be merry! I'm in dire need of a new computer as well, but it's just not in the cards right now.

Single Ma said...

I'm not a fan of specific store gift cards, so I'd redeem all 25,000 pts for an American Express gift card that can be used anywhere. If you change your mind about where to buy your laptop, you won't be stuck with a Dell GC and still have the option of doing anything you want with it. You might decide to use it for a laptop from CC or BB, shop in LNT for house things, buy groceries or gas, make a Walmart run, or anywhere else of your choice.

ntbeachnc said...

Thanks for the hint about this. I decided to sign up as well. I even did it through CashDuck, so I got the $80 credit too. Yeah!