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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Futon sold

Wow I am doing pretty good with this Craig's List thing. I just sold my wooden futon for $75. I have a TI-85 calculator listed for sale on CL for $75 and I got several bites yesterday. One college kid is supposed to call me later to come over and check it out. Usually thats code for him coming over and actually buying the calc. At least that's how its always worked out for me.

I am almost done with my summer cleaning and have some other things I want to list for sale. I am putting all the money I make into my spending account. I haven't figured out what I will do with it yet. I can take it and pay off some of my credit card debt. Or I can take it and use it the next time I go see the family which will be a few days before my sister's wedding. I am leaning toward the latter because I know I will need to spend money when I get down there. If it's not for the fam it will be for my sister's bridal shower and bachlorette party. Well I think I just sold myself on option number 2. I know I will need to dish some moola out that week so i might as well plan ahead and have the money there in my spending account. This should keep me from charging anything to my credit cards.

Well off to finish cleaning.



Rad said...

Congrats no the futon sale girl.

I sent you the email to your aol account. Thats the one you had listed in your profile.

Check it and let me know

SavingDiva said...

Congrats on the sale! Good luck with the calculator?

When is your sister's wedding? If it is a a few months away, you might want to use the money to pay down your credit card's if the interest rate is high...

Dimples said...

@ rad

Thanks. I don't have an aol account. Where did you see that listed? I have a gmail. Email me there

@ Saving Diva

Thanks hon. Wedding is August 25, in about 4 weeks. I will still apply the $800 or so to my credit card debt this month as I budgeted.

Single Ma said...

Go 'head girl! I've tried selling things on Craigslist and never follow through on the emails. I'm such a slacker. LOL

Summers are expensive! My blogging revenue has financed a few of my excursions. I thank God for it.

D.C. 2 said...


Did you pay back the cc debt made for the new computer? If so I say work it girl. Definetly hit up the debt with the money from the sales. On second thought do half and half. That way you at least get gratification from both.