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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Thanks everyone for your comments and advice regarding my last two posts.

In regards to the American Express reward, I have decided to wait until I am able to redeem the reward and make a decision then. Based on the fine print, the reward points will show up on my account 10 to 12 weeks from now. Thats around late September, early October. A lot can happen by then. So I will choose a reward that better fits my situation at that moment.

Due to the severity of my financial status, I have decided to put a hold on the whole vacation account.
I need to focus as much as I can towards eliminating my credit card debt. And there is no way I can take a vacation and enjoy myself knowing full well what awaits me when I get back. I think I'll just wait until after I buy my house and payoff my debt. Then I can enjoy my vacation guilt-free.

Laptop fund is going away also. The laptop is something I wanted not needed. I have survived until now without one, so another year won't matter.


krystalatwork said...

Good for you for making a decision which will put you in a better financial situation in the long run.

Just think, when you are debt free, you'll be able to save up $$ in no time to pay for a vacation and a laptop! :)

Dimples said...

:-D. And I will be a very happy woman. tee hee

ms.voad said...

That is quite a wise decision Dimps... I was like you and wanted to start so many funds right now especially since i am moving but I recognize that I only need an e-fund and the rest of the "wants" will come when I have done what I "needed" to do!