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Monday, June 18, 2007

Total damage from "Get-Fine Day" = $97

Not bad huh? Well there is a method to my madness.

  • Hair: $17 for extensions. $35 for the style. I go to a local college student who has been doing my braids and sew-ins for the last year or so. I would have paid $100 at the hair salon.
  • Nails: $17 + $3 tip = $20 for a full set. The regular cost is $22 but college students receive $5 off on Sundays. Yes I used my college ID card. And yes I graduated in 2005. Oh well they don't know that........LOL.
  • Facial: Free. Did it myself at home. Unless I can find a spa that can give a facial formulated for my type of skin, I will always do it myself. Last time I attempted a facial at a spa I broke out even before I left the seat. Ugh!
  • New Fit: $25 total. I went to one of my favorites, Burlington Coat Factory. I luvs that store. Bought myself a cute top and some slacks.

And where did I find the money to pay for all this? Cash Duck silly. LOL. I received my second payment via paypal on Thursday. $160 for my spending pleasure. kee kee. Well I am happy. I ended the day watching the Celebrity Fit Club season finale. Dustin is such an a-hole! Yeah I said

Dimps Out


ms.voad said...

Girl I gotta try that college id thing at certain stores that may not advertise that they give discounts to students. The theatres have a student discount but it is still about $7-$9 per ticket (you can tell I haven't paid for a movie in a while).

Girl, you keep raving about this Cash Duck place! What is it that you have to do?

...and you right Dustin from CFC is an a*hole

Krystal said...

LOL I always use my old college ID to get discounts. Glad I'm not the only one! :)

Anonymous said...


Show us the end results of Get-Fine Day. Picture pleeease. Guys tend to be visual.

Dimples said...

@Ms Voad

Check out my past post on Cash Duck by clicking on Cash Duck under labels. If you need more info let me know and I'll do a post for you.


Ain't no shame in the college ID game. LMAO. Save money where ever you can.


Silly man. LOL. Let the term "Get-Fine" day speak for itself.