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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Monthly Report, Work, and Other stuff

I finally reached a settlement amount on a case that I have been going through for the past 2 years. I have been trying to figure out what I will do with the money. I have already put $500 into my E-fund and another $500 into my Home Fund. I also took $500 and put into my personal spending account. My mom is going to have surgery in the next month or two so I am going to keep some of the money on the side to help her out in anyway possible. Either it be to pay some of the out-of-pocket expense for the surgery or to pay some bills while she rests at home and recovers. The remainder of the money will go to paying off some of my credit card debt or my personal loan or both. I'll do an analysis later and see what works best.

With that said I have inserted my monthly report for May below. I realized I skipped out on April's report. The "Last Month" column in the report is referring to April so April's monthly report is kinda there. I increased my credit card debt by $1000 due to the move and having to pay two rents in April. Even though my credit card debt increased my ratio decreased. I have read many posts about calling your credit card company and requesting a decrease in your APR and/or an increase in your CC's credit limit. Last weekend I decided to finally look into that and I was able to increase my overall credit limit on all cards total by $3500 and had 5 company lower by APR by at least 4%. So this is why my credit-to-debt ratio actually went down .5%. As I stated in my previous post from last week, I met my extra income goal this month. And I have met my credit balance-to-credit limit ratio, I just need to stay at or below my mark.
I have decided to put off my MBA until next fall. Work has become too hectic to comfortably handle that, school, and my daughter. I am actually happy with the new and heavier workload. I have been praying about getting more recognition at work which hopefully will increase my chances of a big raise and an even bigger bonus. Well God answered! LOL. In the last month and a half I have been put on 4 new projects. I am coordinating 2 of them and I am actually the Engineering Lead on this latest one. My supervisor has given me numerous praises on my work and my handling of each effort. I am really excited and love the new projects I am working on. Unfortunately this means that Dimps work week have changed from 40 to 53 hours. And now I am finding less and less time to do things such as going out with friends, work out, or even sleep. But I will find a way to work all that out. Even when I do I know I wont have any extra time to take 3 graduate courses. So grad school will have to chill for now. Maybe its all for the best. Prayerfully next fall I will find another way to cut the cost of obtaining my MBA.

After I started receiving the extra income on top of my regular paycheck that I have been working on I decided it would be best to keep both incomes separate. I have my paycheck direct deposited into my credit union checking account and I have all extra money that I will use for spending going in a WAMU checking account I opened up. This has turned out to be a good decision. My finance are clearer when I separate my money and there is no chance of dipping into other funds. This is why I currently have 5 accounts with 4 different banks. I have my E-fund with ING Direct. My Home Fund is with CitiBank. My bills are paid out through my credit union checking account. I also have a savings account with the credit union which serves as a "safety net" for my checking. I maintain at least $200 in there. Lastly I have my WAMU checking out which I use to for my personal spending. WAMU was the best choice since I receive $.03 reward for each debit purchase transaction.

Well I gotta go make some money on Cash Duck. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!!



D.C. said...

Go Dimples. I was ready to leave my job for another because I wasn't getting the recognition that I thought I deserved then they started sending me out on client calls and giving me new loans so now it's great. :O)

Dimples said...

I felt the same way. I started looking for another job and everything. But my best friend told me I was being to quick in my decision and to speak up and say something and make the change happen myself. I did. I spoke to my supervisor and let him know how I felt and then two days later the work started flowing in. ALL I had to do was ask and wait! Ain't that something. So everything is great now and I am happy. Weird how things work out when you go for it instead of waiting for it to happen.

Home your friend's wedding planning is going well. My sis gets married at the end of August so I will be in the same hectic boat when the time comes.