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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Code name : Hustlette

I've decided to reach my financial empowerment goals via another route. I have tried to do the whole frugal biznass but that mess aint working for me. I want to live and have fun. I am too young to be knit-picking every single purchasing decision I make. Obviously, my current salary alone will not allow me to pay bills, work on eliminating my debt, and enjoy life and it's perks. So if what you working with ain't getting you what you want.....then upgrade. What's my plan? I intend on finding different ways to bring in some extra moola each month. The following is a list of avenues that are currently working for me:

  • Cash Duck:
    • CashDuck has many different offers (surveys, trials, etc). Some are free and some are not. You get paid various amounts for each offer you complete.
    • I made $160 in the span 2 weeks
  • Pinecone Research:
    • get paid to do surveys ($5/survey)
    • the only way to sign up with them is via a banner that they might have on a random site. I found an ad by googling "Pinecone Research sign up banner" and was able to find one after 15 minutes of searching. It was well worth it.
    • I have been with them for 3 weeks and have done 3 surveys ($15). I received the payments via paypal the day after I completed the surveys.
  • American Consumer Opinion:
    • get paid to do surveys ($4-$50 per survey)
    • I have done one survey and got $4 for it
    • Only con is that the payments are checks that are mailed to you. So you wont received payment for about 2 weeks or so.
  • Hustler's Money Blog:
    • This man has his stuff together. Blogs about all types of ways to get free or close to free stuff and free money.
    • I have made $325 from his blog alone.
      • $25 bonus for opening an online ING Direct savings account
      • $50 bonus for opening an online Citibank savings account
      • $250 from applying and getting approved for a Chase Freedom CC
  • Hustlerama:
    • Same man. Different concept
    • Info on bank deals, credit card bonuses, etc
    • Have no clue why he has two sites but who cares. Both are da bomb! Haven't made anything off this one though. But I plan to.
The following is a list of avenues that I intend on testing out so I can't say if they are good or not:
  • Epinions:
    • Simple. Get paid to write your opinion about various products, services, companies.
    • I signed up with them about 3 weeks ago but haven't taken time to go through the site and post a review. I'll keep yall informed how it goes when I do.
  • Blogvertise:
    • Simple. Mention and talk about their website, products, and/or services and get paid.
    • Just joined them today. They look alright.
  • Notary Signing Agent:
    • Become a NSA and get paid to process home loans
    • A friend of mine got her license 4 weeks ago and has already done 8 signings at $100 a pop. She registered on some site that sends her loan packets and based on the amount of work needed she quotes them a price. The signings average around an hour or so.
    • I am definitely going this route. I need to talk to my friend and get more information. I will give updates as I go through the process of becoming an NSA.
    • Short for "A Global Company."
    • Concept is pretty simple: Join for free, download a viewbar, get paid for actively surfing, and get paid even more for referring others.
    • Speaking of referrals, use this link to join.
    • The viewbar has not been released yet. As soon as it comes out I am on it.

Well thats it for now. My goal is to bring in $500 plus in extra money a month. In the last 4 weeks I have brought in $504 (add up the amounts from the sites that have worked for me). Yeahh!! So I am happy and confident that I will be able to reach my goal. As soon as the other avenues kick in I know I can surpass that $500/month. This will be my current breakdown on my income:

  • Regular paycheck from work
    • Expenses
    • Savings Goals
    • Debt Elimination
  • Extra Money
    • Personal (hair, nails, etc)
    • Fun with Daughter (theme parks, trips, school events)
    • Fun with friends (lunches, Spa Days, Happy hour)
Yall get the point. I don't plan on spending all the money I make on the side. Each month I will either transfer a large portion of the remainder to one of my high yield savings accounts or I will apply it to one of my debts.

Let me know what yall think??


D.C. said...

Good looking out Dimples. Great info and you best believe I plan to take advantage of each and every opportunity also.

Hustler said...

Good stuffs you got going on Hustlette..haha..I might need to check out that cashduck. I heard about it before, but too lazy with all the sign up and call in cancellation stuffs.

Dimples said...

Welcome Hustler!!! Thank you. I am learning from the best of course. CashDuck is pretty tight. You gotta keep track of the trial offers you sign up for so that you don't pass your trial period and get charged a chunk load of money. As long as you do that your good to go.

Feel free to come back here anytime. ;-)

Rad said...

I was thinking about going the home loans route, but never found any decent information on how to actually get loans to process.

If you get that site from your friend, please put up a post.

Getting the NSA license is the easy part.

Keep up the good work girl