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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Chase Freedom $250 bonus and Anti-frugality is that a word?.......well it is now. HA!

Anyways I applied and got approved for a Chase Freedom credit card about 3 weeks ago. Chase had a promo going on where you would receive $200 bonus points after your first purchase of $.01 or higher which you can then redeem for a $250 check. I received the card 5 days after getting approved and made my first purchase (gas). My statement closed on the 5 of May and my $200 bonus points were applied to my account. I just redeemed my points this morning and it says my check will be mailed out on Thursday.

Yeahhhh! So I should receive that check sometime next week. I am so psyched. I plan on putting a $100 dollars in my E-fund with ING Direct and $100 in my Home Fund with CitiBank. And I will take $50 and spend it on myself and my daughter.

I will post more about this later today but I am sooooooooo done with the whole frugal living thing. I am a 25 year old single black mother and I have worked too hard to get to where I am now and to not enjoy my life. I did the whole frugal/cheap thing back in college and struggled and succeeded. Now I earn pretty damn good money and I will not allow my debt to consume my life and happiness. I will find another way to beat that b*tch down but refuse to let it rule ALL decisions in my life.


To be continued.........

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D.C. said...

Beat that what down? Ha ha ha. That's ish is hilarious. Keep blogging you keep me motivated :O).