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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sweet Pea's ATM (21st century piggy bank)

Well my sweet pea received her ATM in the mail today. She had a total of $9.25 to deposit in it (grandma hooked her up with some ones). She is loving her machine.....maybe a lil too much. LOL. She keeps asking me for more money to put in. I explained to her the concept of an allowance and that she doesn't "get" money she "earns" it. Thank you D.C. for the link to Target. The ATM is awesome. It calculates how much she has total and everything.

Well I am going back to packing. I move on Friday.

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D.C. said...

Anytime Dimples :0) I finally bought my nephew the big one. My sister was jealous I could tell :o)