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Monday, April 23, 2007

Health Insurance: Survival Guide for the uninsured

I am happy to say I am quite blessed in the area of health care. My employer pays 100% of the cost of my health care plan with Aetna with no direct costs to me. All I have to do is pay the co-pay at each doctor visit. My plan covers everything except dental, which is common. Unfortunately there are millions of Americans who do not have health care. I found a very good article written by Liz Pulliam Weston on MSN Money. The article list various resources and programs that can help someone who does not currently have health insurance.

A survival guide for the uninsured

The more than 45 million Americans without coverage will get sick more, earn less and die earlier than those with insurance. Here's where to find help if you're caught without it.

By Liz Pulliam Weston

If you recently lost your health insurance, or if you've never had coverage, then you're part of an unfortunate but growing national trend.

The ranks of the uninsured have grown by 11.2% just since 2000, according to a new study by the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. More than 45 million people lack insurance, and millions more are considered underinsured, with gaps in their coverage that leave them exposed to catastrophic medical bills.

In fact, medical bills are a factor in about half of all consumer bankruptcies filed, according to a Harvard University study.

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Anonymous said...

where are you dimples? No new posting? You must be moving :O)

Dimples said...

I know I know.....ugh. Its been a hectic past two weeks. Moving, new projects at work (3 of which I am hading up), trying to keep on my financial empowerment path.....trying to.....and life in general. And on top of all that trying to get my stuff together for school. School....never thought I would be dealing with that again. I will be back on track after tomorrow tho. This coming weekend is devoted to adjusting, rearranging, and relaxing.

Anonymous said...

:o) I started to worry there for a minute. If I can't read your site or single ma's what else am I supposed to do at work? J/K I do work I just peak in, in the mornings and during my break to see if you two blogged something new. I like your site. It's interesting.

Dimples said...

Awww thanks a million. I like yours and single ma's too. I like folks who keep it real.