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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Monthly expenses, reducing grocery bill, and my weight loss Blog,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been packing up and getting ready for my move on 4/13. Credit card debt reduction plan is going well. I am down to only $5019 on two cards. These two cards are currently in my lock box and will not be used until their balances are zero. The only card I am using at this moment is my old Discover and I am paying the balance in full each month.

I have been searching for other ways to lower my expenses each month and therefore increasing the amount I am applying to kill my credit card debt. I think I may have found a couple of other ways:


In the past month or so my favorite news show, Fox 35, has featured this company called The Grocery Game on their segment called "Does it really work?". Its about a woman who found a way (I have no clue how) to basically use the combination of a grocery store sale and manufacturers coupons to lower your grocery bill. I mean a grocery total going from $42.86 to $1.82. And each time the news show tested the company's method it actually worked. All you need to do is sign up with the company, pay $11 for 8 weeks, receive a weekly list of products for sale at the store you chose, and the Sunday newspaper with all the manufacturer coupons inside. I could basically go from spending $200 a month on groceries to hopefully $50. I haven't joined them yet because I am moving and want to wait until I am settled in and can check out what grocery stores are in my area. Then I will pick one and sign up with The Grocery Game. I'll let you guys know how it turns out. If it does work then that will be another $150 savings per month that can go to credit cards. *crossing fingers*

Car Insurance:

I have my car insurance, life insurance, and rental insurance with the same company, Statefarm. I pay $123 a month for all three which, compared to most, is pretty damn good. I have been with Statefarm for about 5 years now and I think they are awesome. I have known the folks at my local Statefarm office since I had my daughter at the age of 20 and had to trade in my Supra for a Prism. I have been receiving a lot of mail from competitors like Geico and Allstate. All suggesting that I could save up to 40% on what I currently pay for car insurance. That would be a savings of about $40 alone on my car insurance (I pay $95) Now my thing is this: If I could get a cheaper price from somewhere else, would it be worth it? How committed should I be when it comes to paying off my debt? Is saving maybe an extra $40 bucks a month worth losing a company I am familiar with and trust?
Got a dilemma on this one!

Anyways thats all I can really work with at this point. I think I have exhausted all areas that I can lower. I have attached a comparison of my monthly expenses this month and what my expenses will be for April. I was able to save $310 a month. Pretty good huh?!

On another subject.......

I am going to start a weight loss blog today or tomorrow. My health is another Empowerment journey I am on. I hired myself a personal trainer at the beginning of this month and I have lost 12 pounds since March 5. My goal weight loss is 140 pounds by February of 2008. I have a short term goal of 75 pounds by August 25. My sister is getting married then. Anyways please feel free to read that blog. I will be posting recipes, exercise tips, detox methods, eating habits, and etc. And let me please state the following:

I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I am not licensed to give advice on weight loss. All I will be doing is documenting my journey and things that worked for me.

Aside from that feel free to read on. Well I gotta go finish packing. Have a great weekend and God Bless!



MarketRMan said...

I understand your pain. I've got credit cards and student loans. I'm looking into Geico. I'm currently with Progressive. I've been with Progressive for 5 years. However, Geico is $20 cheaper a month. I'll let you know how it goes.

Feel free to visit my blog at

KarlaPea said...

The grocery thing sounds great. I might try it out. I love the transferring of balances and comparison shopping. Get out of the trap these companies have set for us all!

Dimples said...

I have decided to go ahead and get a rate quote from the competitors. Then I will see if Statefarm will offer me any incentive to stay. Then I will compare them. If I will get the same coverage I get now and get a nice discount ($40 or more) then I may go with the other company.

As for groceries, I am definitely trying out the Grocery Game. I'll let you know how that goes KK.

MarketRMan said...
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MarketRMan said...

Keep me in the loop for the Grocery Game. I would mention to make sure you don't have to sign up for any type of long term contract to participate in it though. I'll make sure to add your link on my blogroll. FYI: There are companies that listen to what you have to say, so make sure you're loud and clear. I actually work for a marketing research company that monitors the blogosphere for companies that want to know what consumers are saying about their brands and products. I like your other posts where you discuss getting higher interest rates through savings accounts. ING Direct is one of the best banks in regards to offering competitive rates. Personally, I have an account through Sharebuilder which has a good rate on its money market fund. Additionally, I buy stock their as well.

John said...

Helped me lot… thanks for such a informative article

Dimples said...


Your welcome and thanks for stopping by. Come back again.

Sue said...

wow!it’s great to read articles that come directly from the heart. Thanks for sharing