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Monday, March 26, 2007

March 2007 Financial Report

Everything has been working out better than expected this month. I believe I will reach some of my financial goals sooner than I predicted. I have attached a my financial statement for this month below:

As you can see I decreased my credit card debt by a substantial amount. I received a large credit from Cingular this month due to some errors on my billing. I did an upgrade several months ago through a another company, WireFly, and for some reason my whole account went to the nut house. After I received my second bill that was over $200 I decided to call in. I was being charged for calls after 9 pm and Cingular-to-Cingular calls. Anyways to make a long story short I received a $387 dollar credit which I had them mail back to me. I used that money and the money I had already set aside and paid a nice chunk off one of my cards. I have already reached my goal on my credit balance-to-credit limit ratio. Everything is looking good and on track except for bringing in extra monthly income.

I have been doing some research and I am down to the following choices of extra income:

  1. Babysitting (I so don't wanna deal with someone's bad azz kids...but I gotta do what I gotta do)
  2. Hair (I did this my first two years of college. I brought in about 200 a week.)
  3. Notary and Loan Origination (I will need to become a notary and find a company who will allow me to work from home and part-time)
I am leaning to the third option. I could make between $25 to $145 per loan and its not much to it. Only thing is I would have to pay around $100 to get registered and take the 3-hour mandatory course to become a notary. Options 1 and 2 don't require anything out-of-pocket, just a lil advertising. I am open to suggestions so feel free to give me some.

This month went real well. I cant wait until I move on April 13. I need a change of scenery. Living near one of the largest (if not THE largest) universities in the US does not give me the peace and quiet I crave.

Dimps Out

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April said...

Wow! I am really impressed with the progress you have made in a months time. I see that your a new blogger but you seem to have a handle on this personal finance stuff. I am looking into starting my own journey. Good luck with yours and God Bless.